HC-X1500 hissing sound from mic terminal in audio


Using the HC-X1500, there is a clear hissing sound in the audio when an external audio source is plugged in through the 3.5mm mic terminal. This is not a sound coming from the mic, but a sound that comes from the camera. Listening to the audio that comes from the camera with headphones, the audio from the onboard microphone sounds fine. When I plug any 3.5 jack into the mic input, microphone on or off, there is an instant hiss that can be heard that is far louder than any white noise coming from the camera. When the microphone is turned on, the hiss is not made louder at all. This his is also present when there is nothing attached to the end of the cable as well. I have tried different microphones, different cables, different gain settings with no change in the hiss.
Is this something that has been experienced by others who use this camera or its sibling camcorders?


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    Hello @NickFlightX
    Sorry to hear about this noise, since you have tried several microphones, have you tried using the camera on Battery Mode/AC Power mode to compare the issue. The noise may be due to ground power and contact on the mic port.
    There are some small noise erasers that you can get online to power the camera.

    Another alternative is to route your sound directly to a SOUND CARD if you are still merging this video source with other components on a computer such as LIVE STREAM feed.


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    I have the same issue with my HCX2000's. I have two of them and both have a the same issue, very high audio noise floor. I've tried various remedies to no avail. I've tried various good quality mics (Sennheiser), line inputs from good sound desks (Soundcraft, Zoom), isolation transformers and a number of other options. I believe there is a design flaw. I have two older Panasonic cameras and they work perfectly as expected. The noise floor on these cameras renders them useless for any application where the HDMI or SDI outputs are required. Buyer beware!
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