About Viera TV and updating it


Hi there, I'm trying to solve an issue about SD card on my 37 LCD TV. The model is TX-L37S10E, but on Panasonic site the model located is TX-L37S20E. Does anyone here know what the difference is and if the firmware is compatible. I don't find may model.


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    Hello @valtf

    From time to time, a new version of the software update for your specific model becomes available to download.
    To manually update your TV is easy by following these steps. You may not need to use an SD card to manually update your TV.

    Follow the instructions here:
    1. Press Menu, to display the menu
    2. Select SETUP
    3. Select SYSTEM MENU
    4. Select SYSTEM UPDATE
    6. Your TV will automatically search for any software/firmware that is available for your model's specific TV.
    During the update, please do not switch off the TV.

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    Thank you for your answer. I will try in some days, because, the system said all is update.
    In the follow pictures, the system said searching new version.

    Here finished, and said about searching new version: ok.

    On third picture, we can see the system info, and it is the same as previos before launch the update.


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    Whenever I have such glitches I look for blogs or forums that advise

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