Use Android Tablet as a Monitor for Panasonic 4k Camcorder?


I have a panasonic HC-WXF991; anyone have any advice re using an Android tablet as a monitor with this camera?


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    Hello @BrianW,

    We can wait for the community to give more suggestions, but your android tablet, (assuming you are connecting with HDMI output) only provides an OUTPUT, it does not take video as INPUT. Therefore, it will actually not act as a monitor with any camera.

    You may need to use a normal computer monitor or tv that accepts HDMI INPUT, otherwise you can also buy a small monitor online.

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    I have tried to find a way of displaying and recording 4k on various 4k monitors, it does not work, you can only record and display the picture in 1080p. However I have tried another other ways, and one way that might help you is to use wireless.

    Your camera has WIFI, your Tablet has WIFI, so just pair the Tablet to the cameras WIFI. For this to work you will need to install the Panasonic Image App,

    Do not use the Panasonic remote app

    Once you have installed the Panasonic Image App on your tablet, connect to your camera by finding the SSID, assuming you have enabled WIFI on your camera.

    This will work for 1080p, 4k, but the options available using the app are limited, and it knocks out the camera LCD, rendering it useless.

    If you only want to display the picture while recording the nit works, but it is not me.

    Hope this helps you.


    PS. To the Administrator, I would like to know why my account was deleted, I have had to re-register and my original posts have been deleted, please look into this for me with an explanation.

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