SA-PT950 Surround Sound SE-FX65 Rear Speakers


The rear wireless speakers do not work when I try to use surround sound, and the front panel shows a blinking W1 light. I tried turning the receiver unit off and on. When I try re-establishing the wireless communication by simultaneously pushing the FF key on the unit and #3 key on the remote the light on the receiver turns from red to green (and the front panel shows "P"), but the speakers still do not work and W1 keeps blinking. It seems like the transmitter and receiver can see each other, but are unable to send/receive data. Is there anything else I can try?
Note: Original receiver (which worked fine) was lost in flood, and this one is a replacement SE-FX65. I have seen there are used SE-FX65A models available but I don't think that is a right model number for SA-PT950.

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