Bluray Remote won’t work with Samsung TV


When I first connected my Panasonic Bluray player (DMR-BWT460) to my Samsung Smart TV (65TU8000) the remote worked for roughly an hour. Now the remote does not connect to the player.
I disconnected it for 3 days and all was fine when reconnected, but now the same issue is happening

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    I am not sure what exactly the problem is because there could be a wide range of reasons your remote isn't working. For now, I'd advise you to troubleshoot. Test out an alternative remote, like say a blueray player remote app or another physical remote. If the remote work then you know it's the remote's fault if not, you keep troubleshooting. You might have done this already, don't know.

    It could also be due to signal interference, you might just need to place your Bluray devices in another position and your problem might be resolved. That's all I have for now. Anyways keep me updated.

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