Trying to access/transfer files on Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS5


I am trying to access all of my mini DV tapes that were made on a Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS5, and I want to be able to transfer/convert them to electronic copies I can store on my Mac. I'm struggling to identify the best way to access them.

  • The camcorder has a mini USB port (pictured), but I am struggling to find the right cable that fits the port.
  • There is a DV port, but I am very experienced with using DV ports - would this be my best option?
  • Another option would be to ditch the camcorder, and find another machine to convert the mini DV tapes through, but I'm struggling to find such a machine that would allow me to do that.

If anyone could suggest any solutions, I would be massively grateful. Thank you.

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