Convert it into a smart?


Hiya. Is there anybody still owning this old good plasma? I got one. It's damn heavy, isn't it? :)
However, I'm wondering if you attached any of these modern gadgets that can convert a standart TV into a smart one like chromecast, fire stick, android tv box, etc.? Which one should be compatible with that model? I'm mostly after Roku, because used it on another TV before and was pretty satisfied with it. According to TV booklet HDMI port should be 1.0 or 1.1 type A. Chromecast requires 2.0 so I think it's impossible to run it on that old plasma, Roku 1.4 according to their website but also is stated that any HDMI port will be good. Let me know if anybody using Roku or specific fire stick or Android TV box on that TV. That will help me to decide what exactly I need. Thanks to everyone who helps.


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    I have an old TV too and I have been using the fire stick for mine since the option became available. I know about a lot of the other options like Chromecast dongle, Roku and so. I don't think there is any requirement of the type of HDMI port used and it's more about your TV having an HDMI port in the first place. My belief is that as long as your TV has an HDMI port all casting options are available to you.

    I think what your type of HDMI port affects is your resolution. Your TV's HDMI means is limited to a resolution of 1080p 60. I am not super clear on the details but you should not have any problem using either Chromecast or Roku. Plus Roku is pretty great choice.

    Hope this helps.

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