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I have a TX-65GZ950E OLED TV and currently the build-in media player is not able to detect DolbyVision track in MKV containers (it only works with MPEG-TS containers)

Do someone know if Panasonic plans to update their SW to support Dolby Vision with MKV files?

Thanks in advance.


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    As of now, I have not heard talks of adding this feature to upcoming Panasonic software updates. Their last update release was Version 3.222 and they only focused on system stability and improving network applications.

    I found a go-around to getting MKV containers playing on Panasonic TV this link How to Fix Panasonic TV Not Playing MKV Files from USB, DLNA provides a means to do so. It takes a few steps but if it something you willing to do then go for it.

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    Thanks for your inputs Nuel !
    I confirm that my TV is using the latest firmware.

    The MKV with dolby Vision are played with the integrated media player but it defaults back to the HDR meta data (which are also present in the file) and we cannot see Dolby Vision benefits.

    Unfortunately Dolby Vision is not well supported by free tools at least.

    I tried tsMuxeR ( to remux MKV to MPEG-TS but it is not supporting dolby vision.
    Best case, the video is recognized as Dolby Vision but the video colors are corrupted (green filter on top of the video) or if I manually extract all parts before remuxing them, the dolby Vision meta data are lost.

    Same goes with Handbrake and FFMPEG (only HDR meta data are kept).

    I have not tried EaseFab Video Converter but according to there description only HDR is supported.

    I hope this can be added in a future software release even if it is unlikely to happen (not last gen of TV model)

    Thanks for you time.

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    That's unfortunate, hopefully Panasonic future update includes this feature. You can use a PC or Mac you can play MKV files then through an HDMI to the tv but that's a bit round about too. However, if you really want to play MKV files you can always hook your PC or Mac to your TV
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    Unfortunately, Dolby Vision on PC is also a nightmare.
    As far as I know, only MadVr plugin allows HDR meta data passthrough to the screen and it only supports HDR PQ (not HDR10+ or Dolby Vision)

    So built-in player remains the best option for video files.
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    Not necessarily, it depends on the PC hardware. I believe a good PC can support dobly vision well enough 
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