Geotagging on Lumix FZ1000 II with Lumix Sync App (Android)

Hey guys,
I'm trying to figure out how to get the geotagging running. I'm using the Lumix FZ1000 II with an Android 10.
I already setup the BT Connection Camera <->phone as described in the manual and activated location logging on my camera. .
When i start the Lumix SYNC App after approx 20s it connects with my camera. GPS coordinates are tagged properly now.

After taking the first pic I close the app and turn off the camera. When I turn on the camera after a while ony in very rare cases the BT connection is re-established. I have to manually start the Lumix Sync App to get Geotagging working.

Do you have an idea on how to fix this?
Is this an android issue, Lumix Sync App Issue or camera issue?

(My Samsung smartwatch has no problems reconnecting every day though)

How do you manage to Geotag your pics?

Thx for your answer :)
greets Julian


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    I believe it is not your android because the image app works with android  4.4 and up, so every-time you connect your phone to bluetooth, you have to first set up geotagging manually before you start taking pictures. For more information refer to this link below.

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    Hey thx for your answer. I saw the video. Somehow the GPS tagging option gets disabled after i connect my camera (see screenshot)

    it is described how to pair the camera with the smartphone. I have done that. I can transfer pics to my smartphone..

    Now after several trys I achieved the following
    1. disable battery management for panasonic sync app in android
    2. Before you take your first pic make sure the lumix sync app connects (i.e. turn an camera and wait for connection)
    3. Camera will show the BT and GPS Symbol once connection is established
    4. Minimize the Lumix Sync app (not close it)
    5. Turn off camera
    6. Start your journey and wait for some great moments to take an image :)
    7. Once you found a nice pic turn on your camera
    8. wake up your android phone from standby by hitting the power button
    9. Android will show a message that panasonic lumix sync uses GPS
    10. BT and GPS sybols appear on the camera screen

    I have waited approx 60s between step 7 and 8. BT connection is only established directly after waking my android phone.
    If i do not wake my android phone before each camera turn on Geotagging will not work.
    This is pretty annoying.
    As said above the tip in the youtube video does not work :( Do you have further suggestions?

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    Hey thx for your reply,
    but this did not work. I tested the recommended GPSFix App for some days but the same problem still exists. Not BT connection (and therefore no GPS) is established automatically.

    Do you have further ideas?

    greets Julian
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