LUMIX G9 defective? Battery seems to be charging, but camera won't turn on at all.


I recently bought a secondhand LUMIX G9 and authentic battery from the reputable site MPB. Along with it I purchased an off brand charger and extra 2 batteries from amazon.

Upon charging all batteries, the camera wouldn't turn on. Nothing at all. I tried multiple camera modes, lens and no lens, nothing.

Then I purchased a charging cable to attempt to charge it through the charge port. At first, it gave a solid red light as if it was charging. Come back 30 minutes later, it was giving me a flashing red and wouldn't turn on. Finally, it's not giving me any lights unlike before and won't turn on.

Now I'm really lost. Should I contact MPB about returning it? Did the cheap 2 pin amazon charger fry the batteries? I am completely lost and all help is greatly appreciated!


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    There are a few options that I know have worked for others and the first is sometimes when the battery flap is open people have found the camera to work if you pressed the battery in. After, that they put a thin compressible strip on the battery before closing the camera. Another solution is that you send it to the company that makes the mend, this tip will require that you pay a certain amount of money though.
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