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I have a new Panasonic KX-TG9542 cordless phone. Among other things, it has "Link2Cell" which allows you to connect a cell phone to the cordless phone via Bluetooth. It also has a 3000-space phone book (currently empty).

According to the phone's User Guide, I should be able to transfer my contacts from my iPhone XR to the Panasonic's phone book via Bluetooth. I seem to have successfully linked the iPhone to the Panasonic, but when I follow the instructions in the Panasonic User Guide, it starts the transfer but then almost immediately completes with 0 contacts transferred.

One portion of the Panasonic User Guide says, "Some cellular phones may require you to perform an operation on the cellular phone even if you select 'Auto'" (which is what I had selected).

When I go to Settings > Bluetooth in the XR, I see the Panasonic device and it says, "Connected."

Any idea what sort of "operation" might be required to be done on the iPhone to start the transfer of the contacts?

I really do not want to have to enter all of my contacts manually.  There must be a better way.

I tried the online Chat with Panasonic tech support, but they just disconnected after a couple of minutes to "review my problem."  I sent an email, but got an automated reply with a few irrelevant links (perhaps I'll get a real reply sometime in the next 24 hours, but who knows ...).  I could barely understand the recording on the phone tech support line, but it seemed to say that the wait would be interminably long and that I might have to pay for phone support (that part was unintelligible).

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    Solved:  While the Panasonic phone and the iPhone are connected via Bluetooth, on the iPhone, go to Settings>Bluetooth>select the Panasonic phone, and tap on the blue (i) at the end of the line.  Then turn on the switch to "Sync Contacts" and make any other relevant settings.


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    I tried all of these with my new - KX-TGD664 - and could not get the Copy Phonebook feature to work.
    Had to enter the numbers manually....
    BTW - got the Link To Cell to answer & work, just not the Copy Phonebook feature
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    Great answer in first one listed.  My question is why doesn’t Panasonic Tech Support know this and why don’t the printed instructions with each phone sold include this information for IPhone users?

    I spent over 45 minutes yesterday in an online chat where the support person just ended up saying the NEW phone I just bought must not have all the updates to work with IPhones.
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