imperfect HC-X2000 gamma mode

My HC-X2000 offers 8 different gamma modes.  It would be nice if these were documented with curves instead of words, but one can simply switch, shoot, and see.  The modes called FILMLIKE1 and FILMLIKE2 are extremely similar.  I can't make out the difference by eye and haven't bothered to measure if there is a slight difference.  But the mode called FILMLIKE3 is greatly different (much higher gamma) than its two brothers.  Apparently Panasonic misprogrammed FILMLIKE2 in this camera.  I installed the new firmware Ver.1.3, but this didn't solve the problem.  
How can Panasonic camcorder owners communicate technical concerns to Panasonic?


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    Thank you for sharing dcouzin. Personally, I can only direct you to Panasonic support us. I believe Panasonic support also checks this forum so your issue will surely be noted.
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    Thanks Nuel for that suggestion.  Panasonic Support US responded, but their suggestion was that I reset the device.  That's a burden because I've done much customization in the menu -- designing custom "scene files", assigning user buttons, etc. -- which I don't want to have to redo.  And it's most unlikely that any setting I made could make the two gamma modes, FILMLIKE1 and FILMLIKE2, the same.  I predict this is a problem in all HC-X2000 cameras, and hope Panasonic Support US, or this user community, will confirm this.  

    So all try this experiment.  Whatever "scene file" you use, go into the [SCENE FILE] menu and note what [GAMMA MODE SEL] shows as selected.  Now change [GAMMA MODE SEL] to FILMLIKE1, and shoot something.  Next change [GAMMA MODE SEL] to FILMLIKE2, and shoot the same thing.  Next change [GAMMA MODE SEL] to FILMLIKE3, and shoot the same thing.  Finally restore the [SCENE FILE] to it's original [GAMMA MODE].  (If you ever fear you've screwed up a factory "scene file" you can do an initialization within the [SCENE FILE] menu.)
    Compare the three videos.  Do the first two look the same and the third much contrastier?  Then you've confirmed my finding.


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    Since writing on August 7 I've learned that the Panasonic HC-X2000 (X1500) allows one to save the camera's setup by saving two files:

       [OTHERS] → [FILE] → [SCENE FILE(SD CARD)] → [SAVE AS] to make a .SCN file

       [OTHERS] → [FILE] → [SETUP FILE(SD CARD)] → [SAVE AS] to make a .P2S file

    The .SCN file includes all of F1-F6; the .P2S file should include everything else.


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