G85 auto focus stopped working

My auto focus stopped working except when I remove the battery and put it back. Then it sometimes works once or twice and stops again. So I tried on A, P and M modes and still does not work. When I press or half press the shutter, it shows the object and the display as normal but there is no green box to show where the focus is. It also will not take a photo.
I’ve reset factory settings to no avail. The lens that I bought with the camera and is causing the problem is a Panasonic H-FS12060. I have an Olympus lens that seems to work fine with the same body and settings. 
I’m confused and don’t know if the lens has a problem or it’s something else.
As this occurred in remote  Costa Rica while I’m on vacation, it’s especially frustrating.


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    Sorry about your issue Anton. It is quite frustrating when tech issues arise, plus it is during vacation when you need the best pictures.

    Anyways the G85 are infamous for their terrible autofocus capability. Honestly, I think it is your Panasonic H-FS12060 lens that is faulty since your other Olympus lens works just fine. However, let's troubleshoot for both camera and lens. 

    On your camera, you can try changing the autofocus sensitivity and see what happens. See video for more info.

    As for your H-FS12060 lens, you may need to recalibrate it. 

    you can also go through this list of common problems with autofocusing to see what applies to you. Thank you
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    Thanks for the information. I’ve done more testing and realise the lens won’t focus at all. If I twist the focus adjuster on the lens, it moves freely in either direction endlessly. Nothing seems to make any difference. My guess is the focus mechanism inside has disconnected or broken. I wonder if there is any way to verify this and if true to fix it without it becoming cheaper to buy a new lens
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    I thought as much. The fix for your lens might just be a loose focus ring. You can try out this video online  or 
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