GH6 - image stabilizer modes grey out?

I've just got the GH6 and attached my Canon 16-35mm f4 with image stabilizer (IS) via the metabones speedbooster. I have been using this lens combo (and other IS lenses) with my two GH5S's where the image stabilizer 'hand' icon appears grey/white (on) in the top-right of the screen. When I turned on the GH6, the IS hand icon appears red (off) on the screen, and in the IS section of the menus, the 'Operation Mode' and 'Lens Information' options are greyed out. Am I missing something? Are the lens and camera compatible when it comes to IS? I purchased the GH6 because I'm shooting a documentary that requires me to be filming hand-held on the go (no option for gimbals etc). The GH6 is clearly working differently to previous models but it would helpful to know how and why so I can make the best choice for my work. Many thanks
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