SD cards no longer recognized - Panasonic Lumix DC-S1

dear forum,
I'm Paul and I've been filming with my Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 since the end of 2019 without any problems. But as of this evening no SD card is recognized anymore. I've tried 4 different SD cards, all of which have been working for the past few days. I did not format the maps in the MacBook (they are still displayed there).

When the camera is switched on, the message "No memory card" is shown on the display and the menu item "Format memory card" cannot be selected.
I'm currently "in the middle of nowhere" (in a desert region) in Colombia and will try to get an XQD card in the next few days to find out if it's the SD card slot...

If any of you have had this problem before, or have an idea what the problem could be, I would be happy about hints. By the way, the pins in the SD card slot are not bent (at least it seems to me that they are still OK).

I am happy about your answers,
Best regards,
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