Can't activate Burst mode GX9

Hey, I'm a recent convert to the Lumix GX9. I want to try burst mode but it is impossible to switch it on on my camera. Pressing the (4k/timer) down button on the back as advised absolutely everywhere merely pushes me into resetting the focus area and setting again (or exiting thd setting). I have been through every menu item and I cannot change it.

I shoot raw, standard mode, on AFC/AFF using a 20mm f1.7 lens.

Somebody out there, pleaze tell me what I'm doing wrong! 

Thanks :)


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    1. Press [▼Down Arrow] to select [4K Burst Timer Icon4K Burst Timer]
    2. Press [◄Left Arrow] or [►Right Arrow] to select [Burst IconBurst Shot] and then press [MENU/SET]
    3. Press [◄Left Arrow] or [►Right Arrow] to select the "Burst Rate", and then press [MENU/SET]
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    Generally very good performance for a mirrorless ILC.

    Startup/Play to Record

    Power on
    to first shot

    ~1.0 second

    Time it takes to turn on and capture a shot.

    Play to Record,
    first shot

    ~0.5 second

    Time until first shot is captured.

    Startup time was faster-than-average for a mirrorless camera, and switching from Play to Record and taking a shot was also fairly quick.

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    The Panasonic GX9's autofocus speed was exceptionally great our tests, particularly for a camera that employments differentiate location as it were. The GX9 created full-autofocus screen slack (with the subject at a settled remove) of 0.145 moment utilizing 1-area (center) AFS mode with the Panasonic Leica DG 12-60mm f/2.8-4 at 25mm. That's very great for a mirrorless camera and competitive with most prosumer DSLRs.
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