Assistance sought re: Panasonic TV TX-32G302B and the "Wired Network Connection"

I purchased a TX-32G302B Panasonic 32" TV not long ago also a Panasonic Blu Ray Player.   I was wondering about the "Wired Network Connection" mentioned on page 23 of the Operating Instructions of the TV.   My PlusNet supplied Router is at the other end of the room, so I have connected a 10m good quality Cat 8 Ethernet Cable.    The Internet Speed Test shows 22Mbps.  It states "Connected" and gives this numbering and also lettering cc:d3:c1:43:2b:08

However, there is no actual setup to obtain the Internet?   In a YouTube help video, it shows a "Quick Setup" display etc  - but I cannot see this facility.

I do not see any Wifi option on the TV hence I obtained the 10m cable.

I have "reset" the TV, also the Router, but nothing happens.

NB.  Also on page 23 of the Operating Instructions, there is mention of an Internet Service Provider having difficulty with validating the MAC address of the TV   - but I have no idea what this means.

Thank you for any possible help.

Victor (London)  1st April 2022


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    I am sorry but I seem to have entered this posting into your Cameras section instead of the intended Televisions section as I am unfamiliar with this Forum.  Perhaps the Moderator could correct this for me.  Thank you, Victor  2nd April 2022.
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