Write Error Please Check The Card - While Trying To Shoot Video


I've been using my G7 for shooting video for well over a 2 years. 

Today I keep getting the error: "Write Error Please Check The Card" when trying to shoot video... it will still take pictures.
Things I've done:

1.) Reformatted the Card

2.) Turned Camera on and off

3.) Tried a different card

4.) Factory reset the camera

5.) Attempted filming with different "camera modes"

6.) Tried a different lens

Anyone know what's going on? I can't figure it out.


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    I'm a profession YouTuber; so any help is greatly appreciated. I'd rather not have to buy a new camera! 
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    Update.... Yall may laugh at this...

    I figured I'd try the old Nintendo 64 cartridge method with an air compressor. I shot air into the SD slot on the camera, reinserted the SD card, and now everything is working again....

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