After the HDMI connection, TV stopped loading the YouTube app

Hello! I got a problem with my TV.
After the HDMI connection, it stopped loading the YouTube app.
It's just stuck on the YouTube logo and not going ahead.

What I did and it didn't help:
1. I took the plug out for 2 hours.
2. I restarted the router.
3. I deleted the YouTube app from TV and downloaded it again.

Partially helped:
1. I reset the TV to factory settings.
2. The YouTube app opens and everything works. BUT - If I enter my account on YouTube, and close it, it's not loading the YouTube app again.

How can I fix this? I want to enter my YouTube account and open YouTube app without any problems.

Earlier I connected my TV to the HDMI, and nothing happened. 
I don’t know why this happened.

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