Fridge service being delayed, no reply from service provider

How has your company consistently failed to provide immediate response to a complaint,
I have raised a complaint regarding my Panasonic fridge 20 days ago, the service providers have promised to fix the fridge within 3-4 days but have proved to be incompetent in doing so.
The technician who attended our complaint wasn't qualified enough to understand the problem and was altercating with us.

The technician took the PCB board of our fridge and promised us to get the part replaced in 4 days, we did not get any response from the technician and we called the customer care executive who said the part has not yet been acquired.

He asked us to wait for 4 more days, when we reached out to him after said time he repeated the same;
"The part has not yet been acquired".

We have waited patiently till now which is 20 days from when we raised the complaint...

Expecting a response from Panasonic's customer care.

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