Lumix DMC-FZ70 won't turn on and batteries are fully charged

Woke it up this morning and camera wouldn't turn on, it was working fine one week ago. I have 3 batteries, all are fully charged. I tried all 3 batteries but the camera still won't turn on. I cleaned the connections on all 3 batteries and also cleaned the connections within the battery compartment of the camera, but no luck with that either. With the battery flap open, I also pressed the battery in to varying degrees to test the connection, but that didn't help either.

When cleaning all the battery connections, I did happen to notice that there are 4 of the gold connections on the original Lumix battery charger that came with the camera, but only 3 of the gold connections inside the battery compartment of the camera. So now I'm wondering if one of the gold battery connections inside the camera broke off. I looked online and on YouTube, trying to find a picture of the inside of the camera battery compartment to compare, but couldn't find anything. If anyone has this exact Lumix camera model, can you please look inside the battery compartment and let me know if there are 3 or 4 gold connections?
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