USB-C Port issues on GH6

Hi all. I'm running into issues with the USB-C port on my new GH6. It's functioning fine in terms of charging when the camera is powered off etc - but the issues start when the camera is on. I'm using an Anker power bank with a USB-C PD port, but when I try to charge with the camera on, I get asked to select a USB connection - wherever it's to be tethered to a computer, connect to USB storage. There's nothing to allow me to just continue using the camera whilst charging. I have also bought a DJI Ronin RS2 to accompany the camera and have the same issue. I want to make use of the RSS feature on the gimbal to allow me to start recordings and focus using the gimbal, but again the camera thinks I am trying to connect a USB storage, tether to a PC etc. I am using the latest 1.2 firmware on the body and this issue has really perplexed me!
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