Force Lumix G80 to downscale to 1080 into Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2


I'm a new owner of Panasonic Lumix G80. 

I am looking to stream live content using OBS to Twitch. I have purchased a HDMI cable that unfortunately isn't capable of running anything over 4k24fps. 

After about 3 hours of trying to figure out what is happening, I finally managed to get the Elgato card to pick up the downscaled 4k into 1080p image.

I have tweaked the settings again and now I can only run 4k24fps again, because it doesn't downscale to 1080.

I have the TV HDMI setting set to 1080p. 

I feel like Elgato 4k60 card forces the camera to send a 4K signal rather than downscaled 1080p. 

What settings other than TV HDMI I have to change in order for the camera to downscale to 1080p before going into Elgato?

Downscaled 4k looked so much better than native 1080. The 4k24 looks amazing too, but I need the extra 6 frames for the content I want to provide.

I have tried the Manual and Video recording program. When the camera was sending downscaled image, it showed me a little notification that said something along the lines of "Tracked AF may not be performing well when sending a downscaled image (4K to 1080p).

Thank you for your help! 
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