Panasonic HC-X 2000 best movie settings

Hello, for a few days, I am a user of the HC-X2000 camcorder. I am very disappointed with the quality of the movies. I also have a gopro 8 with very beautiful colors, high contrast with black tones. 
I downloaded the latest software for Panasonic, but colors still flat , white balance terribly warm, no contrasts at all. 
my settings MOV - 50 HZ - 2160 50 p HEVC200M - chroma level  0; Matrix Normal 1 ; Gama Mode  Filmlike1; Black mode +4 ; Gamma mode Cine-licke D : How can I record videos with the same kolor and contrast  quality as gopro.
 I watch my recorded clips on the Sony Bravia A9 and Dell 2k monitor, clip the quality is dire.

Please help me how to set it up, I am going on vacation to the seaside, I would like to have beautiful green, blue skies and yellow sand on the beach, 
Unfortunately I cannot cope alone, I would like to thank everyone who will help me
Best regards Richard

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