Filmmaker mode conflicting with Dolby Vision IQ mode ?


Hey there,

My TV model is the Panasonic JZ1000 and i'm just wondering, does the Dolby Vision IQ mode is somehow conflicting with the filmmaker mode ?

When i'm playing a Dolby Vision movie, the mention appears on the top right corner of the screen and the TV switches automatically to Dolby Vision IQ mode. But when i'm looking into the details of this mode, Intelligent Frame Creation and other stuff are set on "very low".

The thing is, I can't select the Filmmaker mode, the tv lets me choose between only Dolby Vision IQ / Dolby Vision Dark and Dolby Vision Bright.

But throught the shortcuts of the TV menus I can select Filmmaker mode and when I do, screens turns a little bit brighter and the Intelligent Frame Creation and other stuff are all "desactivated".

Then the shortcut menu seems kinda bugged (it's all black and I can't select anything else) but the mode seems to stays. If I go back to the regular TV menu, Dolby Vision IQ will be set by default again and Intelligent Frame Creation will go back to "very low" instead of "desactivated".

My question is: do the movie stays in Dolby Vision even if I force the TV into the Filmmaker mode to have a slightly brigther image and to desactivate the IFC option ?

I'm kind of confused. Dolby Vision seems to be conflicting with the filmmaker mode (which appears only on the menu shortcut). Other than that, I can only normally choose between Dolby Vision screen mode (IQ / bright / dark) but they all have Intelligent Frame Creation activated on very low.

Do I mess up something when I "force" the filmmaker mode to desactivate superfluous options ? I would like to keep watching the movie in Dolby Vision ahah. (the mention still appears in the top right corner when I press the info button of course).

If you already experienced this, let me know :)


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