DC-S5 screen turns off when connecting HDMI-out and USB

Hi, neighbours and friends. 

When I need wether to record externally from my camera (DC-S5) in the latest firmware and connect the usb port, the screen and the viewfinder, both go off. 

For instance, I own a DJI Ronin SC2 gimbal. When I connect the raveneye to de HDMI port and the USB port to the gimbal, the screen turns off, so I have no control over the settings of the camera. 

Same thing when comecting the BM video assist 5 12G to record 6K Blackmagic RAW and mount the camera on the gimbal (connected through the USB port to control the camera with the gimbal buttons): the camera monitor and the viewfinder turn off. 

All of my devices are in the latest firmware. 

Anyone with the same issue? Any solutions?

Thanks in advance
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