Breadmaker: bread has suddenly stopped rising


I have an SD-ZB2512 that's about 7 or 8 years old. It had always worked fine until a few weeks ago when the loaves stopped rising. Here's some info:

1) it's definitely not any of the ingredients (I've tried multiple lots of brand new yeast; the flour is direct from a mill and works fine for handmade bread; salt is of course fine; oil is fine)

2) it's definitely not the quantities of ingredients. I weigh them with a digital scale 

3) it's not the salt deactivating the yeast as the yeast pops out of the dispenser on the lid 

4) it doesn't seem to be the mixing. The blade is in and I've watched it mixing: looks as it always has and a good dough seems to be formed

5) the bread is still browning as always and is cooked through (although of course it's dense)

6) the problem remains for different types of loaves and regardless of whether I use the timer or make it immediately 

7) I've checked all of the above pretty carefully. I regularly make sourdough loaves by hand (we use the machine to make extra loaves for the kids). 

So, it's a mystery to me!

Anyone have any idea what might be happening?

Thanks in advance.
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