KX-TGF975S - Why are some menu options missing from submenus -- HAVE to use 3-digit code?

On other (older) panasonic cordless phone systems, in order to change number of rings, I would use the "Menu" SUB-MENUs -- i.e. I would go to Menu, then, scroll-choose Settings, Rings, Number of rings -- something like that.  IE it was in the sub-menu system. 

But on the KX-TGF975S, # of rings is NOT THERE (in the sub-menus).  However, if CAN use the "Menu # 2 1 1" method, and it's there. And if I THEN press "back", I can back out of the proper sequence of "parent" menus. 

So it's clearly THERE in the system -- but it's not VISIBLE when I try to go in via "Menu, Settings, Ring..." 

This is true on all handsets and the base system. It's also true for some other settings. 

What gives? Is this a bug?
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